Joseph Federico VP

As VP of Operations at NJMET, Joseph Federico has established the company as a leading provider of innovative electronic components and parts testing. He is responsible for NJMET’s Quality, Operations, Sales, and charitable efforts.

Wayne New Jersey resident Joseph Federico has become renowned in the electronics industry for forever changing the field of counterfeit component testing. This is mostly due to his creation of the world’s first electronic counterfeit component detection program, called Mission Imposter, the purpose of which is to uncover cloned or counterfeit electronic products. This program became so successful that it soon became adopted by the world’s largest online electronic component trading center.

Joseph spoke on “Experiences and Issues from Solvent Marking Testing” at the February 2014 Components for Military and Space Conference (CMSE) in Los Angeles,

Joseph Federico also leads NJMET’s charity efforts, organizing various fundraisers, as well as contributing to such charities as the American Red Cross, of which NJMET has been a consistent supporter. For the last 10 years, NJMET has also provided college scholarships for local students interested in studying engineering. Joseph Federico was recently profiled in the Clifton Journal/ for his leadership of NJMET’s six-year effort to benefit residents of Sri Lanka.

Since joining NJMET, Joseph Federico has brought the company tremendous growth and acclaim. So much so that the company has received citations of recognition from New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman, in addition to the Senate and General Assembly Council of New Jersey. Recently Joseph announced  the renewal of New Jersey Micro’s ITAR registration, the Compliance and Registration Division of The Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance. You can read more about this renewed registration in our newsroom by clicking on this link.